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6.1 Inventors Fair Ruby

Welcome to the 117th Inventors Fair, and prepare to be amazed with the wild and wacky inventions across the field. Once complete you can then write your own inventions and put them into the tale too.

Approach the memorial park from Bush Street near Pembroke Dock School.
Chapter one


‘Roll up, Roll up, the inventors fair is here'.

‘Come see the miraculous, the incredible, the fan-tab-u-lous' announced the orator from his tiny wooden podium. He then leans forward and whispers to you ‘I know that fantabulous is not a word, but this is an inventors fair and if you can't invent a few words here and there, then what's the point, ay!' His moustache twitches in excitement which seems to accentuate the shiny baldness of his head.

‘Buy your tickets here' he announces to the crowd gesticulating in a strange flourish of twisting wrists towards the booth and turnstile.

‘Now good people, ladies and gentlemen, have you been acquainted with the astounding Mr Arac, who will be demonstrating his incredible Home Spider Dentistry Kit or what about Dr Faustus and his amazing security device, The Magic Void'. He pauses for effect before he continues ‘It's a new type of security safe, soon to be available throughout the land (patent pending), its super light construction unlike those cumbersome iron boxes in banks. But best of all it is designed to lock away all your most valuable possessions inside a surprising quirk of space; time itself! It's the craziest thing, seeing your precious stuff just vanish into thin air and then be extracted once more. Go see him, he's at stall number 253. But then he mutters to you under his breath ‘I suggest you don't let him Magic Void your pet, last one came back a little squishy and the boys keeper and mum were quite disgruntled.'

Suddenly you have a ticket and are through the barrier, and there before you is stall - upon stall - upon stall, this is the inventors fair. Tents and turrets are pitched everywhere, flags and banners billow as smartly suited visitors amble between the stalls. Noises fizz from displays where plumes of pink and purple smoke waft from curious contraptions to the left, right and just about everywhere.

A voting paper is then thrust into your hand and you notice it has six spaces for nominations, this is what you need to fill in and post before you exit.

You glance back and see the sun glint off the Orators shiny head as he disappears back through the gates. His wrists spin above his glistening head as he funnels and encourages more paying visitors through the turnstiles.

Now to the fair.
Go to the middle of the park.
Chapter two

Hair decider

As you approach the stall.....you push the door of the black and star tent. The invention is on someone's head, It is grey, plastic and hard. You must sit under the hair decider to make it work . Lots of people crowd around the stall. You smell bleach hair dye all aoud the tent. Everyone is excited.

Gwynedd Reece is sit under the hair decider. She lets a laugh as her hair changes to rainbow colour. .

Smoke begins to come off the hair decider and Gwynedd Reece screams her head off. Her hair stars yo melt. The colours drip off her hair on to the floor.

Run and call 999.

Mark your slip befor you move on.
Go to the bench in the corner near the road, but stay in the park.
Chapter three

The Thought-O-Matic

As you approach the stall... You see a post and on it you see an image of the 'Thought-O-Matic'.When you walk in you see loads of blue, blue walls, blue doors, and a blue curtain and behind that curtain you see it...The Thought-O-Matic modelled by your best friend Sarah.On the walls you see TVs showing off the product and in bold you see 'THOUGHT-O-MATIC'.You saw the inventor of the Thought-O-Matic and he's wearing goofy glasses, a striped tie and the Thought-O-Matic bracelet he was "The Marvellous Bolly" you shout.

Then the most incredible thing happened... You where floating."I'm flying!" You said, suddenly Sarah turned off zero gravity 'THUMP' "OWW" you scream as you crash to the ground. "Come one come all!" A voice bellowed from another room. You walk over there... "It's Mr.mr." You say excitedly.

Suddenly, there's a Big Bang every things going wrong the 'Thought-O-Matic has exploded. You dart for the exit.

Mark your voting slip before you move on.
Go up the path towards the skate park, stay on the path.
Chapter four

Nanny Goat

Candyfloss; everyone's got it in their hair once, haven't they? You, more than others. A slight aroma hits your nose. It smells a bit like candyfloss. Is it because you've just been thinking about it? Or because it's really there? Your gut says it's there, your nose says it's there, you brain says
"The last time you ate candyfloss you sat on the toilet and it didn't just come out one end..."
You decide not to listen to your brain, you've got to go when you've got to go, and you've got to throw when you've got to throw. You follow your nose towards a short stocky man, who has more than just candyfloss in his hair, he's got it ON his hair.
Pesky little things called "children" are crowding round him, trying to get a bite of his hair. By this rate the poor man's going to be bald.
You see in his hand a small, circular invention with a nanny goat printed on the top. On the bottom however, there's some sticky substance, most probably tape, with the slogan:

A Nanny Goat a day keeps the doctor away

"Curious," you mutter to yourself. He tells the "children" to settle down, as it's nearly story time. He looks at you expectantly, but you laugh it off. After all, you are to old to listen to 'The gingerbread man'.
You turn on you heels, and are confronted by a mahisive bouncy castle shaped as a goat. Its neighbour is a milk white tent with horns to welcome you in. You feel your jaw drop as you wander over towards this goat wonderland. A slender woman beckons you towards her with her spindly finger.
"Roll up, roll up! Prepare to be amazed, this Nanny Goat may be small, but it's got a super power!"
You stare at her in bafflement.
"Trust me kid, it'll make a great present for your gran," she tells you. The man beside you tried to tell you something, it looked urgent, but the sound of his whistling hearing aid drowned him out...
You follow the crowd into the tent, and the wonder begins with a bang! Literally. A loud bang followed be red smoke startles you and the other guests. The same slender lady steps out, and introduces herself.
"Hey guys! My name's Delana Broderick-Sloane, and it's a pleasure to meet all of you. You may of come in acquaintance with the Nanny Goat, a small magnet with a superpower! Has you or someone you know got a walking stick or crutch? Do they always try and balance it on a table edge, and BANG! It's on the floor? Well, no need to panic, this Nanny Goat is a small magnet that can stick onto any surface. It's designed to hold up any walking stick or crutch just by sticking onto the magnetic part. After all, everything's got something magnetic in it. Everyone needs a Nanny goat, because a Nanny Goat a day keeps the doctor away," There was a roar of cheers, so loud that's even the deaf old man at the front heard. "So, who wants to try it out?" Everyone sticks their hands in the air, including you. The only one that didn't was that deaf old man at the front. She chose him anyway. "Come on! You at the front! What's your name?"
"Pardon?" He asked.
"Everyone! Welcome Pardon!" As "Pardon" steps onto the stage, there is a horrendous smell. "This won't do!" Said Delena, the crowds face widened with panic. "Somebody's farted!" Everyone rushes out the door to get some fresh air and away from the smell. It was a pretty good invention you have to admit.

Put a mark on your sheet before "Pardon" trumps again.
Go to the middle flower bed then take the first path on the right to the Cherry trees.
Chapter five


As you approach the stall you see a ramp and also see a man shouting "gather round "! You take a quick glimpse you think and whisper he looks very sinister. You go over to see what's happening he says "this is the Disguiser, you can be anyone anywhere it does not need charging or batteries completely wireless if you put it on your wrist then you search a person tap on the picture press ok and woola you've got a different voice personality and different body".

He demonstrated so he tapped a picture and pressed ok and it looked like his legs disappeared but the machine stopped halfway up his body so he banged it against the table and it started working again and carried on. When it had finished everyone was astonished but then something happened the disguise worn off.

But as soon as it worn off the watch started flashing red and yellow. So you think it's going to explode so you run to the exit before it explodes but as you look back and as you stand there nothing happens and you walk to see what happened and when you go back the man says "false alarm everyone! Just a design mistake don't worry it won't explode." MARK YOUR VOTE SLIP
Go to the small kids play equipment.
Chapter six

Gastronaught Experience

as you approach the stall there is a massive red and yellow tent with flags at the top and as you enter you see purple smoke slowly swaving left to right as people are shouting and cheering for professor iam.

It was so dark and suddenly two red circles were in front of me with professor iam who was wearing a black suit and a top hat with a dark blue ribbon and a feather and dark green eyes you could smell the gorgous food that chino was cooking in the tent opposit.

However you could hear a ticking noise it was a explosive it had two seconds to go off you had sense to do a safety roll out of the tent but then you remembered that professor iam was still in the tent so you ran back into save him and you gripped him by the arm and you jumped out the tent booooooom the bomb went off he said thank you very much .

Go to the big swings.
Chapter seven

Tia power machine

As you approach the stall it appears to be completely empty, but interestingly you see a child going behind it. Suddenly there's a bright blue spark shooting all around, then out comes the same child but nothing seems to have happened to her. What was the blue spark? What is behind there? What if it could harm someone?

The most incredible thing happened she started to fly. You quickly turn around to see who is in the line you spotted Lilly she looked sly turning her head left right left then right it was her turn she walked behind the tent there was a red spark this time Lilly didn't come back out. DUN DUN DUN! It turned out she turned invisible. Next, Emily fell from the sky then she got up and ran because she smelt candy floss. A few minute later Lilly was visible again and the she ran because she heard the carousel.

You ran out of the fun fair because you heard crash bang snap, next thing you know there were massive orange flames coming from behind the empty stall. Emily and Lilly were still in there you had to go and save the you ran as fast as usingbolt you finally found them and grabbed them and ran for there life then everything exploded and the fair went up in flames the beeblzebub must have came. Then, the fire bragade got there you were wondering what started it then the finally told you it was the ! POWER MACHINE !

Mark your voting slip before you move on
Go back to the beginning.
Chapter eight


The Orator approaches, bald head glistening in the sun.

‘Place your sheets in the box and we'll see who the Inventor Supremo is in the 117th inventors fair'.

Is there one invention which is the best in your opinion? Have a discussion now and see which you think is the most impressive, when you have decided then please read on.

‘Good good.' Says the orator as you post your sheets, but suddenly there is a huge sound from the middle of the field, you look over and see a jet of blue flame snatch up into the air. A BOOM follows which is so loud you feel it in your chest, and the orators mouth drops open aghast at what is unfolding.

A flash follows with attendants and visitors running pell-mell away from the ‘Mr Bubbles, double bubble super fizz pop' tent. ‘Run for cover' they shout as people dive behind bales of straw just before the BIG explosion.

The next events seem to happen in slow motion as tents flatten across the field and flags bend horizontally away from the epicentre of Mr Bubbles. Then a black wall sweeps across towards you and there is only a moment to duck before it engulfs you. But thankfully it passes in a moment and you stand again to see the orator is covered head to foot in soot! He turns with mouth still open and moustache intact to the single flash of a reporter's camera.

‘Well it would appear that the 117th inventors fair has come to an abrupt end' he says to you with eyebrows raised as high as they will go.

The next day the local paper lands on your hall carpet with this very photograph, the orator is central, treacle black from head to foot and behind him the stately metal dome of Mr Bubbles is spurting with a mountain of foam.

The headline runs with ‘Inventor's Bubble Trouble. Hundreds flee from catastrophic fizzy pop explosion at the 117th inventors fair'.

To the left of the picture you can see yourself looking rather surprised.

What an event!

The End
Chapter nine

Further Thoughts

What inventions would you have liked to have seen at the fair?

Are they big or small, can they be held in your hand, or carried on your back?

Is it edible, totally credible or just downright daft!

Have a talk amongst yourselves whilst the other groups catch up.