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6.2 Inventors fair Skye

Welcome to the 117th Inventors Fair, and prepare to be amazed with the wild and wacky inventions across the field. Once complete you can then write your own inventions and put them into the tale too.

Approach the memorial park from Bush Street near Pembroke Dock School.
Chapter one


‘Roll up, Roll up, the inventors fair is here'.

‘Come see the miraculous, the incredible, the fan-tab-u-lous' announced the orator from his tiny wooden podium. He then leans forward and whispers to you ‘I know that fantabulous is not a word, but this is an inventors fair and if you can't invent a few words here and there, then what's the point, ay!' His moustache twitches in excitement which seems to accentuate the shiny baldness of his head.

‘Buy your tickets here' he announces to the crowd gesticulating in a strange flourish of twisting wrists towards the booth and turnstile.

‘Now good people, ladies and gentlemen, have you been acquainted with the astounding Mr Arac, who will be demonstrating his incredible Home Spider Dentistry Kit or what about Dr Faustus and his amazing security device, The Magic Void'. He pauses for effect before he continues ‘It's a new type of security safe, soon to be available throughout the land (patent pending), its super light construction unlike those cumbersome iron boxes in banks. But best of all it is designed to lock away all your most valuable possessions inside a surprising quirk of space; time itself! It's the craziest thing, seeing your precious stuff just vanish into thin air and then be extracted once more. Go see him, he's at stall number 253. But then he mutters to you under his breath ‘I suggest you don't let him Magic Void your pet, last one came back a little squishy and the boys keeper and mum were quite disgruntled.'

Suddenly you have a ticket and are through the barrier, and there before you is stall - upon stall - upon stall, this is the inventors fair. Tents and turrets are pitched everywhere, flags and banners billow as smartly suited visitors amble between the stalls. Noises fizz from displays where plumes of pink and purple smoke waft from curious contraptions to the left, right and just about everywhere.

A voting paper is then thrust into your hand and you notice it has six spaces for nominations, this is what you need to fill in and post before you exit.

You glance back and see the sun glint off the Orators shiny head as he disappears back through the gates. His wrists spin above his glistening head as he funnels and encourages more paying visitors through the turnstiles.

Now to the fair.
Go to the big kids swings.
Chapter two

nanonato multiplier

As you approach the stall you notice how awkwardly shaped the tent is, it is shaped in a hill? you also notice in the corner of your eye a gold and silver logo in the shape of a plus sign with the word nanonato underneath the logo, how unusual you think?

Then you decide to walk into the stall and you enter a room with a man dressed in a smart tuxedo sitting at a glass desk with a name label in front of him saying professor nano then you notice him sipping at what you presume to be a latte you glance around at the walls, they have a circuit board pattern on them how unusual you murmur under your breath as you walk closer he shouts in a joyful tone "well i presume your here to try the nanonato multiplier but it might not be up to scratch ,mind it is a beta"

Then he lifts up a glass container and there a little remote control laid there about half the size of your hand with one button, also some writing but you cant make out what it says then all of a sudden he opens up a drawer from his shiny, crystal glass desk and takes out an action man you wonder how peculiar " i'm going to use the nanonato multiplier to create another action man!" he holds the action man under the device then he presses the button it makes the sound of flint hitting against steal you wonder is this mad genius going to burn me....

Then in an instant you hear an unusual sound you open your eyes and you see a green light projecting over the doll you whisper "just brilliance" then suddenly you hear a eerie noise then to your amazement another doll appears under neath the original and falls onto the ground "yesss!" screams the professor then to your horror the doll begins to sit up,stand and then turn its head 45 degrees and stares at you the stare sends shivers down your spine and using your natural instincts you turn and sprint for the door and out of the booth.
Go to the central bed.
Chapter three

The Hotspot.

As you approach the stall you see 40-50 flaming torches around a massive fireproof shack, the chimney is exploding with both smoke and steam, and the door is made out of fire-wood. As you enter you see many people sitting on chairs which also happens to be made out of firewood. Fire places are everywhere and theres a huge black smoke cloud around the ceiling swooping up and down. You take a step forward and sit on the nearest fire-wood chair. Ironically, its cold. You start to cough hysterically after accidently consuming the smoke. You mutter to yourself ''This place feels like the equator''. You hear a huge cheer from the crowd as the inventor shows up and says ''Hello ladies and gentle-men...I'm doctor boiler.'', the crowd screams so loud they leave a nine second echo. ''MAY I HAVE A VOLUNTEER'' Boiler cries, everybody raises their hand faster then a blink...You dont feel to comfortable helping him, so you dont bother raising your hand...He picks a volunteer and he goes up on stage with the inventor...The inventor pulls out a special red badge from a special ruby case and plants it on his jumper. Then, he covers the man in oil and lights about 4-5 matches...He throws them on him and the crowd gasps in horror.

Then the most incredible thing happened, he wasn't burning and he said he felt fine. The crowd went back to cheering louder than 100 alarm clocks, then...Professer boiler decided to drench him in more oil. He does it again, and again, and again. Until the crowd got bored and demanded more from the show. So then the inventor literally bought a pool of lava to the stage, the crowd were astonished, half of them closed their eyes, they did not want to see what was about to happen. The floor under their feet began to shudder almost like there nerves quaking, blood boiling, and hearts racing, the volunteer decided to take that chance of burning a horrible death and jumped into the pool. And just like being set on fire, he survived. The crowd quickly regained their joy and roared louder than a 8 level earthquake on the richter scale.

Everything was fine, the inventor kept chucking him in lava, again and again, but next, something weird happened, the man started to freeze quickly, the man soon noticed and forgot to state that you shouldn't where the badge for more than an hour, otherwise you'd turn into a human popsicle. He tried to remove the badge, but it was completely glued to him, if he tried to tear off the badge any longer, a chunk of the man would also be taken with the badge, the man shouted ''HELP! HELP! HEL-'' the man stopped, luckily the man was still alive, unluckily, the man became more frostier than pluto. The crowd was quiet for about 5 seconds, letting what just happened sink in to their minds, then they screamed more high pitched than a mouse on helium, they all panicked and ran out of the shack. The inventor told everybody to go home as he thought of a way to remove the frosted badge away from him, and then you ran out of the shack along with screams of the crowd...

Before you leave, make a note on your voting slip.
Walk down the path towards the road to the bench in the far corner.
Chapter four

Sweet mania

As you approach the stall all you can see is sweets sweet seats and sweet tables. You can see a huge machine Mr professor put a apple in the machine and out appeared on the other side was a jawbreaker. But the thing was that the flavour only last 52 seconds. All you can eat sweet buffa in the gingerbread house that was on a tree stump. The most incredible thing happened there was a massive lake of hot chocolate with marshmallows in the backyard with a cookie as a diving board. There was a chest at the bottom of the lake with a mirror and a secret treasure map. The creepy professor leapt to get the map and tripped over and pushed the chest backwards in to a secret place in to a concealed basement he at to crawled down the ladder and make a new and special experiment to turns you in to a sweet. Then Mr Professor be came so favamous the he was so upsest with being a scientist he maked a poshion and then burned down the gingerbread house. Is he safe or is he still in danger?
Go to the early years play equipment.
Chapter five

Super super hairstyles

As you approach the stalls there's a bright pink tent with blue love hearts painted all over them but there is loads of tents hooked up as on massive tent mansion as you walk in you get passed a magazine,plate of pizza,a can of Coke,and a tin of skittles and hairbos the floor tiles are blood-blister red coloured.
A swegway takes you two your seat but you get to choose out of two sections of the room. The first section has cherry scented Yankee candles and the second has candyfloss scented. So you chose the candy floss. You sat at your seat and it started massaging you a lady called miss pearls stuck a helmet over your hair and you hopped on your swegway and it took you to a changing room were you changed into a pink marshmallow swimming costume and it smells like hubbabubba in the changing room because a hubba bubba candle has just been lit.
so you stepped on your swegway and it took you out into a different room and there's a massive hot tub just for you but the hot tub is actually filled with chocolate and huge marshmallow and crackers so i was swimming in a sm'ore but then I had to fill in a iPad the questions were
What height is your hair:long
What hairstyle do u want: French plates
So I took the helmet of my head and two French plats was there but then I accidentally dropped the iPad in the water and everyone that worked there started shouting at me so I made a run for it
Go to the middle of the park, take the first path on your left and walk to the top to meet a young boy selling memory pills.
Chapter six

Memory sweet

As you approach the stall you see a purple table with a simple glass dome on it with a memory sweet. The sweet is shiny and sparking in the distance, it draws our attention. The light above the stall shines on the memory sweet to make it sparkle. Lots of people crowding around the stall, looking at the sweet and wondering what it is. Tiny Tim picked up the sweet and showed it to the crowd of people. Everyone was surprised and excited to find out what the sweet does.

Then the most incredible thing happened, Tiny Tim slowly had a bite of the sweet and his eyes widened and he was surprised his memory was turning back words then a magicfull thing happened he amazingly had his memeoryies back the crowd was shocked. Everyone wanted to the have the magicfull memory sweet so tiny Tim stared sell some to them when the crowed had the magicfull memeory sweet they all had the same felling as tiny Tim they was all surprised.

Thinly there memory's came back from when they was little. The crowed stared shouting tiny Tim your a micall ! The crowed said if it wasn't for you we wouldn't have are memories back but something bad happened the sweet only lasted 1min the crowed said what happened tiny Tim said it most if least last for 1min tiny Tim had a ideaer so he told the crowed he said if u buy more the sweet will last longer so they and it worked tiny Tim was the most famous inventor in the the end.

Go to the central bed then take the first path on the right to the cherry trees.
Chapter seven

Snow Globe

On the way to the next exhibit you pass several people with what would appear to be snow in their hair, which seems very odd with the weather in the way it is. Then you arrive at ‘the human snow globe' which is a huge glass dome and inside you can see several people walking around a little ruined castle making a snow man and throwing snow balls. Out of the top of the little folly, snow is whizzing about and it looks very convincing indeed but there is not enough space for sledging which is a shame.

On the table are hundreds of smaller snow globes just like the larger one, visitors coming out of the big dome are running over to the table and shaking the globes ‘there you are Dad' said the boy ‘oh and this one has Mum in too'. And sure enough the miniature snow globes had tiny captured 3D tableaus of the family playing in the snow just moments before.

‘Shall we get one for the mantelpiece?' said the father and the boy nodded.

Before you move on make a note on your voting slip as to what you think of this invention.
Go back to where our story began.
Chapter eight


The Orator approaches, bald head glistening in the sun.

‘Place your sheets in the box and we'll see who the Inventor Supremo is in the 117th inventors fair'.

Is there one invention which is the best in your opinion? Have a discussion now and see which you think is the most impressive, when you have decided then please read on.

‘Good good.' Says the orator as you post your sheets, but suddenly there is a huge sound from the middle of the field, you look over and see a jet of blue flame snatch up into the air. A BOOM follows which is so loud you feel it in your chest, and the orators mouth drops open aghast at what is unfolding.

A flash follows with attendants and visitors running pell-mell away from the ‘Mr Bubbles, double bubble super fizz pop' tent. ‘Run for cover' they shout as people dive behind bales of straw just before the BIG explosion.

The next events seem to happen in slow motion as tents flatten across the field and flags bend horizontally away from the epicentre of Mr Bubbles. Then a black wall sweeps across towards you and there is only a moment to duck before it engulfs you. But thankfully it passes in a moment and you stand again to see the orator is covered head to foot in soot! He turns with mouth still open and moustache intact to the single flash of a reporter's camera.

‘Well it would appear that the 117th inventors fair has come to an abrupt end' he says to you with eyebrows raised as high as they will go.

The next day the local paper lands on your hall carpet with this very photograph, the orator is central, treacle black from head to foot and behind him the stately metal dome of Mr Bubbles is spurting with a mountain of foam.

The headline runs with ‘Inventor's Bubble Trouble. Hundreds flee from catastrophic fizzy pop explosion at the 117th inventors fair'.

To the left of the picture you can see yourself looking rather surprised.

What an event!

The End
Chapter nine

Further Thoughts

What inventions would you have liked to have seen at the fair?

Are they big or small, can they be held in your hand, or carried on your back?

Is it edible, totally credible or just downright daft!

Have a talk amongst yourselves whilst the other groups catch up.